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Digital Tours


WHEN:     Whenever you want!


START:   From your own couch OR spot on tour app map

END:      7 days from purchase


PRICE:   Varies by digital tour   


TYPE:      Digital Tour (smart phone, IPad, etc.)

DURATION:  About 60 minutes

LENGTH:  Varies

PURCHASE: Through our website

Did the COVID-19 pandemic ruin your travel plans?  Now you can stay safe at home and still continue your haunted journey of Maine's landscapes! Some of our favorite tours and haunted places throughout Maine will be available through our new app. If you are coming to Maine, you can still enjoy some great digitally guided tours on your own and at your own pace!

How does this work?

  1. Purchase a digital tour from our offered list.

  2. Download our app.

  3. You will receive a confirmation email that contains a code.

  4. Enter the code into your app and enjoy your tour for 7 whole days!

  5. If you are worried about having no phone service in the woods you may download the entire tour and take it with you so you don't miss a thing.


Although we don't guarantee you will see a ghost you may be one of the lucky few to capture photographic images of orbs or apparitions in various tour locations. 

Check our Evidence Page to see what other tour guests have encountered or caught on camera.

Tour Information

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