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Wabanaki Spirit Walk (Child Oriented)

Walk the Spirit Road with a professional Wabanaki guide on a journey through Bar Harbor like no other!  Visit the sites of former Wabanaki Indigenous encampments and hear ancient supernatural stories of cannibal spirits, terrible monsters, and vengeful witches that have been passed down through thousands of generations.  Learn about the helpful spirits who watch over sailors and have kept many a boat from sinking.  Find out why you should never enter the woods alone after dark and why you should refrain from saying bad things about the Stone Spirits.  This tour will expose you to both the paranormal good and evil of Wabanaki cultures that make up this land. Listen while your guide regales you with tribal histories and contemporary hauntings.  Make no mistake, many of these spirits are still here…and they are waiting for you.


On a typical tour you will:

  • Hear Wabanaki stories only

  • Visit the sites of former 1860s-1890s Indigenous encampments

  • Learn tour-specific words/phrases in various Wabanaki languages


Reservations are highly recommended as tours can sell out fast.


We limit the number of guests on each tour.


Ticket availability is not guaranteed if you do not purchase your spot in advance.


Tour Information

WHEN:     7 pm, Mondays- Fridays
WHERE:   26 Mount Desert Street                                                                 (Abbe Museum bench in front of shop windows)
TYPE:       Walking Tour

DURATION:  60  minutes

LENGTH:  About 1/2 mile


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