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I want to see a ghost!

We do too! Although some of our tour guests experience unexplained phenomenon and catch orbs or apparitions in their photos, we cannot guarantee this will happen for everyone.  Please remember, spirits were live people at one time and may just not want to show themselves every night.

What kind of tour is this?

We offer ghost tours as walking and van tours.  They are all packed with untold history of the area.

Where do you find your information?

Our tours are all history based.  We get our information from personal interviews, archives, and historical societies & museums. Our research never stops and we constantly update our information.

How long is a typical walking tour?

Our tours last about 1 hour and 45 minutes to 2 hours depending on a number of factors including group mobility, weather, and group interaction with the guide.

Where do you go?

Our walking tours take place in Bar Harbor, Maine. We explore the Downtown area, waterfront, and side streets.
Van tours explore Mount Desert Island. Custom tours may go into the Maine Highlands.

Do you have wheelchairs available?

We do not have wheelchairs available.

Can I take photos?

Yes, you may take still photos along the tours.  NO AUDIO/VIDEO RECORDING of your tour is allowed.

What dates will the Ghost Tour will not access the Criterion Theatre?

We will have limited interior access to the theatre this season. We try to get our groups inside as much as possible but a rule of thumb is we will go inside after a movie. We do not go inside during live performances.

Do I get a refund or a discount if my tour doesn't not go inside the theatre?

We do not give refunds or discounts if the tour group does not enter the theatre as it is a perk and not a constant expectation.  We still tell the same stories at the same places as nights we do get to go inside.  We are bound by the theatre's schedule of events. Tour guests are welcome to access the theatre with us on another tour night or be rescheduled if your tour does not go into the theatre.

What happens if it rains on my tour date?

Tours will happen through light rain or drizzle.  Severe weather includes  but is not limited to: thunderstorm, pouring rain, horizontal rain, hail, tornadoes, cows flying by, etc. If we cancel due to bad weather, we will try to CALL OR TEXT YOU at least 30 minutes before the tour start time. Make sure you  leave a phone number where you can be reached when you register for tickets and check the box opting in to text messages.

What type of clothing should I wear?

Wear comfortable walking shoes and dress appropriately for the weather. Check your weather app early and often. There is an old saying, "If you don't like the weather in Maine, wait five minutes!" Please note that a 
rainy/misty evening can be between 40-50 degrees and is usually accompanied by wind.  In October, there are nights when the "real feel" is in the mid 20s. If you are unsure about the weather please bring a jacket and umbrella.  We are often as surprised by the rapid changes in weather as you are.

Are there places to sit on your walking tours?

There are usually few (if any) opportunities to sit down during a walking tour as we travel in public spaces. We try to accommodate guests with limited mobility to the best of our ability but we are not in control of public benches and seating areas along the tour route. If mobility is a concern please let us know ahead of time.

I need to cancel, can I get a refund?

You may get a refund if you cancel your tour at least 24 hours prior to your tour time. If the activity is cancelled by Bar Harbor Ghost Tours then you will be contacted for rescheduling or a refund.

Is your Ghost Tour appropriate for small children?

The Bar Harbor Ghost Tour is rated PG and requires an adult to accompany children. That being said, only you know your child and what subjects may not be appropriate or too scary.  Please review the tour descriptions and use your best judgment. We do not recommend our ghost tour for children under 8 years of age.

Can I bring alcohol on tour?

NO. State law prohibits this. We reserve the right to deny services to anyone who shows up to a tour already inebriated.

Are we going to go inside any buildings?

Most evenings we will go inside the 1932 Criterion Theatre, per their schedule.  We do not enter any other buildings. Please remember we are not a ghost hunting experience, we are a walking tour.

I chose the wrong tour date. Can I get a refund?

We are happy to reschedule your tour for another time if there is room. Refunds are available if you cancel your tickets at least 24 hours in advance of your tour date/time.

What if my child scares easily? 

If your child scares easy we suggest  the Wabanaki Spirit Walk which is geared towards families with small children and much less scary in the daylight.

My friend and I were on the same tour and he/she/they got a picture of a ghost and I didn't. Why is that?

We would LOVE to have everyone get a ghost picture! However, we cannot control the appearance of spirits and it is not uncommon to have one person in a group of twenty-five people get a picture of a spirit but no one else does. It could be because the spirit is more attuned to that one person's energy or maybe that person is just super lucky.

What is an orb?

An orb is a ball of light or energy that appears either to the naked eye or in photos/videos and has no explanation for its light source. A ball is the simplest form of energy a spirit can take when it manifests. It takes a lot of energy for a spirit to manifest at all so if you caught an orb, good job!

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