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Are ghosts real? Evidence suggests the answer is yes but you are welcome to view the images and listen to the audio in order to decide for yourself.  On this page we will post some of the evidence captured by our tour guests.  Click the images to see them full size as well as details of the photos.  Play the video to see orbs in action.

Theatre Spirit
What is it: Spirit in front of door
Date Taken: 16 September 2019
Location: Criterion Theatre
Photo Credit: Kate Harrison

Although blurry, the image shows the head and possible hand of a man manifesting out of a white mist. The photo was taken as the tour group was leaving and no physical person was standing in front of the door.
Balcony Ghost
What is it: Ghost on the Balcony
Date Taken: 2 August 2019
Location: 1932 Criterion Theater
Photo Credit: Kyl and Celina Skaggs
Alterations: Cropped and lightened from original image. Circle added.
Spirit Face in Cemetery
Date Taken: 12 July 2019
Location: Old Burial Ground
Photo Credit: Jackson Van Dyke
Figure in the Fog
Date Taken: 13 July 2019
Location: Off Kennebec Street
Photo Credit: Michelina Ferrara
Photo edits: enlarged and cropped from original
Light Anomaly in Cemetery
Date Taken: 5 July 2019
Location: Old Burial Ground
Photo Credit: Barbara Vrana
Male Figures on Balcony
What it is: Male figures on the balcony
Location: Criterion Theatre
Date Taken: June 24, 2019
Photo Credit: Katelyn Krantz
Photo edit: Cropped and Lightened

Staff Note: This picture was taken after half of the group audibly heard a male clear his throat in the area of the balcony during the telling of the ghost stories.
Female Face in Window
Photo Credit: Keith Sullivan
Date: 24 May 2019
Location: Ledgelawn Inn
Two female figures on balcony
Photo Credit: Thomas Browne
Date Taken: 30 September 2018
Location: Criterion Theatre
Face in Rectory Window
Ghost face in window taken by one of our cruise ship guests.  

Photo Credit: Seth Wise
Date: 28 August 2018
Location: Rectory Common
Ledgelawn Face in Window_27 August 2018_
Photo Credit: Shelley Paterson Fahey
Date: 27 August 2018
Location: Ledgelawn Inn, 3rd floor
Headless Woman
The lady of the theatre likes to show up unexpectedly.  It looks like she is in her favorite spot again.

Photo Credit Lynn Smith
25 August 2018
Ghost Bride
Could this be the suicidal bride at Ledgelawn, looking for her lost lover?

Photo Credit Michael Clark
15 July 2018
Church Orb
Orb over St Saviours Church.
Photo Credit: Martin May
4 Sept 2018
Green Orb
This green orb had been following us around all week showing up in different places and on different nights.

Photo Credit: Dirty Zombie Slayer
11 August 2018
Double Green Orb
A nice green orb next to the tour guide's skirt.  This orb followed our tours for days and was spotted in numerous locations by various people of different tours! 

Photo credit Mary Messeroll
5 August 2018
Criterion Theatre Orbs
Photo Credit: Mary Messeroll
5 August 2018
Waterfront Spirit
"This was taken near the water in bar harbor, where the tour took us. I was trying to snap pictures but every time I took one my phone would just turn completely off. This happened many times at that location, and I even had my cousin take the picture to make sure I wasn't making an error, but it kept turning off. The photo shown is the only photo that saved as I took those pictures. And as you can see there is an outline of a figure in the photo."
Photo credit CXSTONE
Woman on the Balcony
"I took this picture at the Criterion with my phone on the way out after being told that there was sometimes activity reported in the balcony. Our tour was in June. It wasn't until later that I zoomed in on the exit sign on the left balcony and noticed what appears to be a figure in the doorway. I do remember checking that the balcony was empty as I took the photo so I found this to be an interesting photo. Thanks for a great tour. We really enjoyed it!!"

Everly McCormack
21 June 2017
Stage Orbs
"This was taken in the Criterion after conclusion of tour. 2 orbs are clearly seen."

Dawn and Bill Patterson
29 Sept 2017
Headless Woman
"The Bar Harbor ghost tour was an excellent introduction to the history and past residents that make up Bar Harbor’s history. If you love history and ghosts (and you’re a believer or otherwise), this tour is definitely worth experiencing. Jennifer was an extremely engaging storyteller and guide. I even managed to capture a photo of what may be one of the local haunts! My tour date was 9/25/17."

 Courtney Allison Brown
Headless Woman and Light Anomaly
"This was taken around the time that the guy was telling the people on the stage behind us not to stand on there. It was just that one guy on the right and the group behind us no one else. 

Thanks again for a great tour and we most definitely will come back for the tour when we come back to Bar Harbor."

Jennifer Omicioli
18 August 2017
Theatre Orb
"I was in one of your tours over the weekend:). Thank you for making my Anniversary special that night.  The tour was August 12, 2017 @ 8pm..We went to the Criterion Theatre that night, and while our tour guide was talking I began taking live pictures with my iPhone 6s... I caught an orb, plain as day fly to the front of my phone and headed down to the front of the theatre." 
Tammy Clavette, Maine
Orb in Window
"I was on the tour on Friday, August 11th... On the first stop of the tour  I walked around the outside of the house taking pictures. And in one of the pictures an orb shows up in the top-floor window; there were no lights turned on in the window when I took the picture." 
Andrew Barnes, Alabama
Orb on Tour
Third orb image captured 
in front of the tour guide near her right arm. The orb had moved again from its position in House Orb 2. Picture taken while on tour on August 12, 2017.

Photo credit: Tammy Clavette, Maine
Faces in the Mist
"It was taken right after your talk about the theater as everyone was exiting. I had a personal experience slightly before snapping the pic, I saw a curtain in the balcony rustling and a not quite solid shadow dart across the balcony...I did notice what appeared to be faces in the photo, but I saw them more in the misty area. Thanks for a great tour!"
Andy Acree
13 October 2017
Apparition in the Aisle
Image captured on June 28, 2017 in the 1932 Criterion Theatre while on a Bar Harbor Ghost Tour.  Photo credit to Trisha Lindsey, Ohio.
Lady of the Theatre
"My Husband I were at your Ghost Tour on June 14th of this year. It was as well …my birthday and our anniversary. When I first went in the Theater, I felt weird and had goosebumps from head to toe. My husband, Matt took some photos of the empty Theater hoping to capture something . After the tour, we went to a park to look at the picture and behold there is a figure in the awesome. I want to thank you for an awesome tour it was the best." 
Carolyn A. & Mathew E. Hess from St Paul, MN
Gazebo Orb
This picture was taken of one of our guides on May 25, 2017. The bright little orb in the lower right hand of the image was tracked in different locations around her in several photos that evening. Pictures were taken by a tour guest.
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Orb Video

Play the video to see three orbs nearly fly into the camera lens and up over the photographer's head near the end. This video was taken by a tour guest inside the Criterion Theatre.

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