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FAQ - Theatre Access

What dates will the Ghost Tour will not access the Criterion Theatre?

Please click this link RIGHT HERE to see a list of dates that we will not be going into the theatre. We try to keep this updated but the schedule may change without notice per the theatre's activities.

Do I get a refund or a discount if my tour doesn't not go inside the theatre?

We do not give refunds or discounts if the tour group does not enter the theatre as it is a perk and not a constant expectation.  We still tell the same stories at the same places as nights we do get to go inside.  We are bound by the theatre's schedule of events. Tour guests are welcome to access the theatre with us on another tour night or be rescheduled if your tour does not go into the theatre.

Are we going to go inside any buildings?

Most evenings we will go inside the 1932 Criterion Theatre, per their schedule.  We do not enter any other buildings. Please remember we are not a ghost hunting experience, we are a walking tour.

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