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FAQ - Ghosts

I want to see a ghost!

We do too! Although some of our tour guests experience unexplained phenomenon and catch orbs or apparitions in their photos, we cannot guarantee this will happen for everyone.  Please remember, spirits were live people at one time and may just not want to show themselves every night.

Do I get a refund or a discount if I don't see a ghost?


My friend and I were on the same tour and he/she/they got a picture of a ghost and I didn't. Why is that?

We would LOVE to have everyone get a ghost picture! However, we cannot control the appearance of spirits and it is not uncommon to have one person in a group of twenty-five people get a picture of a spirit but no one else does. It could be because the spirit is more attuned to that one person's energy or maybe that person is just super lucky.

What is an orb?

An orb is a ball of light or energy that appears either to the naked eye or in photos/videos and has no explanation for its light source. A ball is the simplest form of energy a spirit can take when it manifests. It takes a lot of energy for a spirit to manifest at all so if you caught an orb, good job!

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