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Phantom Feast Picnic & Storytelling with ghosts in the woods

Photo by Heather Anderson

Phantom Feast: Picnic and Ghost Stories

WHEN:    Within an hour of sunset.
WHERE:   Varying locations in Acadia National Park
TYPE:       Seated outdoor picnic

DURATION:  About 90 minutes depending on how many questions our guests ask. 

LENGTH:  Each date is in a different area and will be varying lengths from parking lots.


We have partnered with Luxury Picnics Acadia to bring you one of the most unique experiences in Maine! Dive into the eerie allure of Acadia National Park with our exclusive haunted picnic experience.  Nestled along the haunted woods and rocky coast , you'll indulge in a luxurious gothic style picnic spread while being captivated by chilling ghost stories regaled by one of our award winning storytellers. Let the rugged landscape and mysterious tales transport you to another realm as you uncover the secrets lurking within Acadia's majestic beauty.


On a typical experience you will: 

  • Visit Acadia National Park.

  • Have picnic refreshments amidst luxury gothic style accoutrements. 

  • Learn about the different types of hauntings and why they occur.

  • Listen to details of hauntings and death in Acadia over the years.

  • Hear ancient Wabanaki Indigenous tales that may make you question every twig snap, rustle of leaves, and hoot from the darkness.


Although we don't guarantee you will see a ghost you may be one of the lucky few to capture photographic images of orbs or apparitions.

Reservations are required.

Make your reservations early as events can sell out fast.

We limit the number of guests at each event.


Ticket availability is not guaranteed if you do not purchase your spot in advance.

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