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FAQ - Inclement Weather

What happens if it rains on my tour date?

Tours will happen through light rain or drizzle.  Severe weather includes  but is not limited to: thunderstorm, pouring rain, horizontal rain, hail, tornadoes, cows flying by, etc. If we cancel due to bad weather, we will try to CALL OR TEXT YOU at least 30 minutes before the tour start time. Make sure you  leave a phone number where you can be reached when you register for tickets and check the box opting in to text messages.

What type of clothing should I wear?

Wear comfortable walking shoes and dress appropriately for the weather. Check your weather app early and often. There is an old saying, "If you don't like the weather in Maine, wait five minutes!" Please note that a 
rainy/misty evening can be between 40-50 degrees and is usually accompanied by wind.  In October, there are nights when the "real feel" is in the mid 20s. If you are unsure about the weather please bring a jacket and umbrella.  We are often as surprised by the rapid changes in weather as you are.

What do you mean by inclement or severe weather?

The term "inclement weather" or "severe weather" is at the sole discretion of Bar Harbor Ghost Tours. We hold the safety of our customers and guides at the highest level. We do tours in both rain and shine as long as we consider it mild enough and ask that customers be aware and dress appropriately with hats, jackets, umbrellas, etc. Severe or inclement weather can mean, but is not limited to or by:

  • Horizontal Rain

  • Torrential Rain

  • Snow

  • Sleet

  • Temperatures with a "real feel" of below 30 degrees. Real Feel includes wind chill.

  • Thunderstorms in the area, generally within 12 miles of Bar Harbor during tour time. Check the radar on any weather app for approaching storms.

How will we know if there is bad weather coming?

Check your weather app. We will also ATTEMPT to contact our guests the day of your tour if we feel the weather patterns are significant enough to warrant a heads-up. Texting is the fastest way we can do this. Please provide us with a working cell phone number and permission (during checkout) to text you if needed. Ultimately, keeping an eye on the weather is your responsibility and we are not responsible for the fluctuations of nature.

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