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Monsters by Moonlight

WHEN:     9:00 pm 
START:   26 Mount Desert Street                                                                 (Abbe Museum bench in front of gift shop)

END:      Agamont Park (Restrooms located here)
TYPE:       Walking Tour

DURATION:  About 60 minutes 

LENGTH:  About 1 mile


Follow your guide's blue lantern light along the Shore Path where you will hear stories of plague, ghosts, and monsters of the Wabanaki kind.  These Indigenous spirit tales are rooted deep within the traditions of Maine Tribes and told only by our experienced guides. Discover the truth behind some popular myths in New England and be prepared for what you might learn. You won't find a Wendigo on this tour but you may discover something else far worse watches you from the forests of Acadia and the rocky Atlantic coast. Bring a flashlight and a friend.


On a typical tour you will: 

  • Visit the site of a former Wabanaki encampment.

  • Hear stories of sickness, ghosts, and monsters tied to the Maine landscape.

  • Discover the truth behind popular books, tv, and movie images.

  • Learn about different Wabanaki spirits and names.

  • Visit the Shore Path.

  • Hear ancient Wabanaki Indigenous tales .


Although we don't guarantee you will see a ghost you may be one of the lucky few to capture photographic images of orbs or apparitions in various tour locations. 

Check our Evidence Page to see what other tour guests have encountered or caught on camera.

Reservations are required.

Make your reservations early as tours can sell out fast.

We limit the number of guests on each tour.


Ticket availability is not guaranteed if you do not purchase your spot in advance.

Don’t take your tour from just anyone! Be secure knowing your tour is in good hands. Bar Harbor Ghost Tours are led by nationally certified guides who have had rigorous formal training and been tested using national standards of excellence through the National Association for Interpretation. 

Tour Information

Monstrous face in the moonlight over water
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