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Bar Harbor Ghost Tour guide in a cemetery holding a blue lantern

Private Tours

by Advanced Reservation Only

CALL 207-404-4113 TO BOOK NOW

WHEN:     Varies
                  (Memorial Day through Indigenous Peoples Day)
WHERE:   26 Mount Desert Street                                                                 (Abbe Museum Courtyard)
PRICE:     $100 for 2 people then $25 each       
                 additional  person regardless of age  

TYPE:       Walking Tour

DURATION:  Approximately 90 minutes

LENGTH:  About 1 mile

We lowered the price on our private tours to accommodate our customers during the pandemic. We know how importation it is for you to social distance and now you can take your favorite tour and keep other more than an arms length away. You will have a dedicated guide lead your party to the most haunted sites in town and regale you with exciting and macabre historic knowledge of New England. Keep an eye out for ghosts and be prepared for a fun time!

  • Private tours are for large groups (15 or more people)

  • Daytime tours are available upon request

  • At least 24 hours advance notice is required

  • Due to limited staff numbers, not all nights may be available during 2020

Although we don't guarantee you will see a ghost you may be one of the lucky few to capture photographic images of orbs or apparitions in various tour locations. Check our Evidence Page to see what other tour guests have encountered or caught on camera.

Tour Information

CALL 207-404-4113 TO BOOK NOW
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